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This site is all about Affiliate marketing.  Affiliate marketing is one of the hottest home business opportunities around.  With some basic training, you can easily set up an affiliate business and get started in a couple of hours or days.

Find tips and tricks about everything to do with affiliate marketing here:

Affiliate programs are the best way for you to sell someone else’s products or service and get paid for it.  Selling through an affiliate program is a great way to sell on the Internet without getting knee-deep in product.

You market the product or service online (that includes websites, emails, forums, blogs as well as paid advertising). The company then is responsible for the product; they process the payments, ship the merchandise, and handle any complaints.  You provide the marketing and get the commission. Brilliant!

When your visitors click on your links, they will go to the website you are promoting. If they buy, you will be paid a commission. Not bad for providing information huh?

You can find affiliate programs just about everywhere these days.  A good way to find programs you’d like to join is by doing a search on your chosen topic.  See what your competition is doing for a place to start. The affiliate networks such as ClickBank and Commission Junction are great places to look as well.

Look everywhere you shop online. Check the web sites for the words affiliate or partners. You’ll soon see there are almost no merchants online today who don’t have some sort of affiliate program. 

If you’re going to have a website or blog, you should have affiliate links. Enjoy the resources available on this site.  Good Luck!