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Getting More Conversions From Your Traffic


A straightforward way to make more money without increasing traffic is to increase sales from existing traffic.  If you currently receive an average of 100 visits per day to a sales page and make an average of two sales from those visits, you may want to work on increasing your conversion rates.


Knowing your conversion rate can help you improve your marketing strategies. The average conversion rate is not the same in all fields.


As a reference point, the average conversion rate for the affiliate marketing business is between 0.5 and 1 per cent.


No matter what you are selling, the type of traffic you are receiving, or the market you are in, conversion rates will vary greatly.


You are just competing with yourself when trying to raise your conversion rates.

If there is a mechanism to measure such a thing, it doesn’t matter what the average industry conversion rate is.



What Is The Formula For Calculating The Rate Of Conversion?


To figure out your website’s conversion rate, compare the number of people who have looked at a page to the number of conversions that have happened.


If 1,000 people visit the page and 10 of them do what is asked of them (the conversion), the rate of conversion is 1%.


How much can you make if 1000 people visit your website every day?


If you have 1,000 visitors and your click-through rate is 1%, that means that for every 100 visitors, you get one click, and for every 1,000 visitors, you get ten clicks. So, you will make approximately $17 for every 1000 visitors.


You can get more detailed conversion rate data if you add analytics tools to your website and landing pages.


Google Analytics is often the standard tool that is installed. Google Tag Manager also lets you add tags to track certain events or goals. This can be helpful if you want to learn more about the conversion process.


If you know how visitors act, you can use that information to improve your conversion rates in the future. Through your affiliate network, you can also track how well and how often each affiliate you work with is doing.


Your page and strategy can always be improved. 


Split testing is a practice that many marketers enjoy using. They will post two distinct versions of the same website and send half of their traffic to each version.

After that, they enjoy testing which page generated the most sales.


Since you may not always have access to all the statistics that pinpoint the source of a sale, this can be very challenging for affiliates. You should therefore make one adjustment and track your sales for a month to see if it affects your sales if you know that you receive a certain number of visits to your website each day and a certain number of sales from your website each day.


 How To Increase Affiliate Conversions

  • Maintain a website that runs smoothly and efficiently.
  • Develop guides and instructional materials for the product.
  • Create a one-of-a-kind list of references, an in-depth analysis, or a comparison.
  • Put up a pop-up window on your website.
  • Delete any fields from the form that aren’t required.
  • Build up your case with endorsements, ratings, and brand names.
  • Find a way to shut off the noise by keeping the page simple
  • Facilitate the first step tremendously by making sure there’s not too much form-filling
  • Always, include calls to action and external links.


Make Adjustment For More Conversions


Here are some examples of the type of adjustments you might want to make:


  1. Modify the image or its placement on your sales page
  2. Modify the call to action.
  3. Try saying something like “click here to see it now” instead of “purchase it here now.”
  4. Modify a few aspects of your sales page, such as how frequently you connect to the product and where on the page you place the link.
  5. Add some funnels or increase the number of funnels already present on your sales page.
  6. In other words, if you presently link to your sales page at the bottom of every other page on your website, you might want to start connecting to it at the top and bottom of every other page.
  7. Start connecting to your sales page from each of your other web pages if you aren’t already.




Every rise in conversion rate demonstrates a small improvement in your marketing skills, which you can then use to improve every new project you embark on.


A very worthwhile marketing strategy to pursue is increasing sales from existing traffic. To be successful, only make one modification at a time, and keep an eye on your sales figures and conversion rates to determine what is and is not working. Never hesitate to alter something back if it wasn’t working. Take note of it, then continue.


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